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Film Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Abrams continues boldly forward with the rebooted series.

As appears to be my movie-going trend lately, I have very little knowledge of anything Star Trek before the 2009 film. I caught that one in theaters, however (being a fan of Abrams’ work), and I absolutely loved it. The visuals, music, cinematography, script — all of it was incredible. It was great science fiction, and the characters were more than compelling enough to pull me into the story.

Needless to say — four years later — I was more than ready for another trip on the Enterprise.

As with the first film, Into Darkness opens up with a bang. The audience is offered a huge set piece to pull them back into the world and get things moving at a sprint. The additional focus on action scenes is immediately apparent, and some early impressions I skimmed prior to my viewing suggested the script made some sacrifices to accommodate a summer popcorn action flick audience. My fears were quickly put to rest, however.

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