Music Preview – Meg Myers’ Make a Shadow EP

What is it about Meg Myers?

Make a Shadow

Those close to me (and those who pay any attention to my social media posts) know that I’m a pretty big fan of Meg Myers. Her music is a bit of a departure from what I’m typically playing on road trips, so many have inquired what exactly it is that has me hooked. A mention from Mike Shinoda first brought her work to my attention, which should come as no surprise to the aforementioned groups, but what’s kept me coming back for more?

To be honest, I’ve had a hard time nailing that down myself. It might be the dark tone displayed in so many of her songs, her admittedly twisted charm, or maybe it’s the fact that she originates from the same areas of East Tennessee that I grew up in. I couldn’t say for sure, but I personally feel it has something to do with the way she blends up so many genres into a sound that she has effortlessly crafted as her own. It’s a sound that I loved in “Monster,” the track originally shared by Shinoda, and one that I’ve continued to love as it’s evolved in her latest releases.

Well, here’s the thing—she has a new EP coming out. It’s called Make a Shadow, and the track list has been released as follows:

1) Desire
2) Go
3) Make a Shadow
4) Heart Heart Head
5) The Morning After

Make a Shadow is releasing in February, and we’ve already gotten a taste of two of the songs. “Heart Heart Head” debuted last April, complete with a music video, and “Desire,” recently revealed to be the lead track of the EP, surfaced in September.

“Heart Heart Head” was an interesting one, following Meg’s previous Daughter in the Choir EP. First of all, it was quite a bit heavier on the production than we’d seen before. The whole song and video both have a certain theatrical vibe going on, which is a step apart from the stripped down “Monster.” It starts off soft and smooth with an underlying tension that eventually rises into a scream-filled breakdown that serves as the climax of the song. The video, as well, is filled with appropriately unsettling imagery, and this match appears to be setting the tone for what this EP is going to offer.

Somewhere between dark synth rock and alternative pop, “Desire” continues down this same path. Again, we’re in much more heavily produced territory, though this one doesn’t quite reach the emotional highs of “Heart Heart Head.” The whole song has a steady pace, ending with a guitar solo—another first in Meg’s music.

I’m going to be honest here—I find myself drawn to her more raw, stripped down songs such as “Monster,” “Cold,” and “Home,” and I don’t think I was alone in being somewhat disappointed when the latter two didn’t have a place on this EP. That might be exactly the point, however.

Judging by the two songs that did make the cut, it’s likely that “Cold” and “Home” simply didn’t fit the themes of the EP—and, of course, we haven’t even seen a full studio version of “Home.” If nothing else, these songs are out there for future use, and I can think of worse fates for great songs than simply not being included in an album or EP release.

That said, I’m very much looking forward to this release. We have two excellent songs already out there, and three more to look forward to. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following Meg’s music so far, and I’m sure that’s not going to stop any time soon.

Meg has a lot of material out there she’s shared online, and she clearly has plenty of room to continue constructing her sound for this EP and all her future endeavors. I have no doubt that Make a Shadow will be another step in the right direction.


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